We have put together spa packages for those who want to relax and escape the daily grind for a few blissful hours. Treat yourself to one of our carefully crafted spa packages or give the gift of spa-ing to a loved one.

Yummy Mummy

Indulge in a 90 minute hot stone massage, then tone/hydrate/lift your skin with an our popular oxygen facial. End your spa day with a manicure and pedicure and walk out of the spa a new woman.

4.25 hrs $390


Start with a Buff+Detox+Relax body treatment, then get a 60 minute Ultimoot Massage. When you are feeling utterly relaxed, it's time to lift, tone, and hydrate your skin with our popular Dewy Goodness Oxygen Facial. End the spa day with a Milk & Almond Pedicure in our nail lounge.

4.75 hrs $485

Spa la la

Enjoy a slimming, invigorating Coffee Body Scrub with an Ultimoot Plus Massage which has hot towels and a relaxing scalp massage. Follow your spa la la day with an Ultimoot Facial sure to give you a healthy glow.

3.25 hrs $355

Reservations for Two

Enjoy a spa experience together. Start with two 90-minute Deep Tissue Massages then head to our nail lounge for side-by-side deluxe pedicures of your choice ( Milk&Almond, Hot Stone, Coop+, or Heeling Therapy ) Make this date perfect with relaxing beverage while your feet are being pampered.

2.5 hrs $425

Ultimoot Treat

Enjoy a 60-minute Ultimoot Massage followed by a Ultimoot Facial. End your serenity with a Coop Mani/Pedi Combination. Just say “ahhhhh.”

3 hrs $240

Mamma’s Hideout

Are you or your loved one exhausted beyond belief ? Look no further for a little R&R. This treatment catered for the tired mom starts with our 60-minute Swaddle Me Please Massage, followed by our Dewy Goodness Facial to get some glow back in the skin, and ends with a Milk and Almond Pedicure and lovely Shellac manicure (the only manicure for mommies!).

4 hrs $365

Man Cave

Why should women get all the fun? Enjoy a 60-minute Ultimoot Massage, then get your skin fresh and healthy with the Dapper Facial. End your day with a Mani-cure and Foot Groom Pedicure. You’ll come out of your cave a new man.

3 hrs $265

Girlfriends Getaway

Everyone needs some time with their BFF. What better way to catch up than at the spa? Enjoy a duo 60-minute Ultimoot Massage, then mosey on to the nail studio for a deluxe pedicure of your choice with a relaxing beverage. Choose from a Hot Stone Pedicure, Milk and Almond Pedicure, or Heeling Therapy Pedicure.

2 hrs $312

Rest For the Weary

Work, work, work makes for a tired body and skin. Relieve neck, shoulder, and back tension with a 60-minute massage focused on those areas. Once your body is relaxed, treat your face to a revitalizing facial with an enzyme peel to reveal glowing skin. End your spa experience with a deluxe spa pedicure of your choice - Hot Stone, Milk & Almond, or our seasonal pedicure.

3.5 hrs $280

Spa Party

Want to host a spa party at recoop? We are great at party planning and can create a custom package for your special occasion, which can include spa treatments, food, and beverages of choice. Contact us at hello@recoopspa.com.