Wedding Preparation

Recoop is the perfect place for pre-wedding primping for the bride and groom, bridal parties, and mothers. Our rustic chic spaces facilitate a relaxed but modern atmosphere that is great for groups or just some solitary R&R.

Wedding Stress Reliever

  • 90-min Ultimoot Facial
  • Amaretto Luxe Pedicure
  • Coop+ Manicure

Bride Un-zilla

  • 60-min Ultimoot Massage
  • 60-min Ultimoot Facial
  • Milk and Almond Pedicure
  • Coop Manicure

Primp the Bride

Recommended 2-4 Days Before the Wedding.

  • Dewy Goodness Oxygen Facial (helps plump and hydrate the skin to create a smooth, radiant canvas for make-up application)
  • Diamond in the Rough Body Scrub
  • Brazilion and Brow Wax
  • Heeling Therapy Pedicure
  • Superwoman (Shellac/Gel) Manicure


Groom the Groom

  • Back and Chest Wax
  • Dapper Facial
  • Man-i-cure
  • Foot Groom Pedicure

Ultimoot Treat for Mothers of the Bride/Groom

  • 60-min Ultimoot Massage
  • 60-min Ultimoot Facial
  • Coop Mani/Pedi

Bridal Events

Recoop is the perfect place for your bridal group to get pampered and relax together. We are able to create a custom event with your needs in mind. Many of our bridal parties like to get a massage or facial and then a nail service to end the day in our chic nail studio. Call us at 425-429-3323 or email for more information. We also have an events page with some additional information regarding events that may be helpful.

Bride’s Beauty Checklist

The wedding is fast approaching and you want to look your very best for the big day. We recommend starting your preparation a few months in advance.

3 Months Before the Wedding

  • Prep skin with monthly facials
  • Spend some stress free time together with a couples massage

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Test out any waxing needs in case of reaction
  • Create a luminous complexion with a facial with added peel

1 Week Before the Wedding

  • Get a massage to de-stress
  • Schedule a body scrub for baby soft skin

3 Days Before the Wedding

  • Brazilion or bikini wax
  • Dewy Goodness oxygen facial
  • Milk & Almond pedicure with Shellac
  • Coop+ manicure with Shellac